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The Property Valuation robert kiyosakibooks Rich Dad Poor Dad coconut Brisbane Property Valuers caramelwhichwhat it is but he says that risk is justa measure of knowledge so something goodpilot you would consider not risky afirst time investor would consider riskyjust simply because you know more soultimately what you said before aboutthe research it becomes critical becausethe more you know the the less risky hadbecome so for me I'm buying I think webought properties in the last daysyeah none of them a lot of theminterstate yeah none of that feels riskybecause of the knowledge and been doingthis for a long time correct and I havethe same emotion around buying realestate that i have about buying a loafof bread for a first time investor that's just poles apart emotionally nicetwo things it's a really good point andwhat.


Valuations that isyou know you could lose your job and and Valuations QLD that's probably comes under inside yourcontrol and outside your control correctbut if you lose your job that reallythrows money man let's be honest that'sprobably a critical factor for moneymanagement if you do do that so thething about liquidity being a liquidityrisk with property if you plan wellenough being as you well know liquiditycan be something that doesn't have toworry you because short takes a while tosell the property yes but if you'veplanned well enough advance with bufferyeah liquidity is just as simple aslogging online and tapping into anemergency fund yeah a lot of peoplethink that there's no liquidity andproperty whereas if you've got that fundthat is real liquidity in my view likeif you've got an equity release andyou're sitting there you are controllingthat cash and so that's the science ofmitigating the risk of money managementso that's another great little tip andit was Tony who is property valuer Adelaideand I spoke to so thanks Ijust had to check that but yeah hellosorry Tony shoutouts attorney share thatso effective Marty we know as well as Imet same chat with him economy oh yeahwants to sell a property a really scarceasset in the arable or four bedroomhouse.

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Valuation Thank you so much for your time,Valuations VIC Simon.And hopefully I'll talk to you soon.Bryce Holdaway All right folks. It’s that time of the year where we sort of have a bitof a look at what might have happened last year in the property market in but moreimportantly Ben, have a good look forward and see what we think is going to happen in.Ben Kingsley Yeah. I mean we like to do this each year. We’ve been doing it now for fouryears. I think it’s important that we sort of set the agenda in terms of where we saythe marketplace is going in .Bryce Holdaway I agree. So we’re going to do an around-the-ground around Australiabut I think it’s really important to get the context of what we’re going to be talkingabout today because it’s really from the perspective of being a borderless investor.

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The sub of being soldthat's where you have the majority ofcomparable www.perthpropertyvaluations.net.au sales because that's thehighest turnover of stock that makesense otherwise you buy the top or thebottom you might wait every six totwelve months just to get one morecomparable sale where if you buy themedian price for townhouses for examplein buildings around a mark thenthat's the majority of town house beingsold stay away from ultra uniqueproperties or properties in the outerrim because they'll show k doesn't existthey're not only way you find itdifficult to find comparable sales butthe upper lower limits of the pricespectrum fluctuates your ink anomicdownturns like I said in many videosdon't buy infringe suburbs guys becausewhen there's an economic downturn which.

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